Dimitrios Blougouras

Academic Scholar, Department of Economics, UOA


Experienced Risk Manager, with in depth knowledge of Money /  Capital Markets in Cash and Derivatives products, as well as excellent and applied knowledge of CRD, CRR, MiFID and Basel requirements (application of directives and regulatory frameworks).
Combining both long-term technical and organizational expertise along with numerical / analytical skills, he created all the departments in which he worked, establishing and expanding them in each company.

Provides independent consulting services to Investment Services and Technology Companies regarding the design and monitoring of their Risk Management Framework.


1. Head Risk Management (Eurobank Equities), achieved zero risk exposure to “unforeseen” events. Established the department, creating methods, techniques and processes aiming at identifying, assessing, mitigating, monitoring and reporting Market, Credit and Operational risks arising from company’s products, processes and services. Accomplished the thorough recording and reduction of important risk events, establishing the culture of risk ownership throughout the organization chart, keeping management confident that business is running on course.

He believes that companies must set both “speed” and “slowness” limits – consequently, he constantly motivates executives to take “smart risks”.

  1. Head Derivatives Desk (Eurobank Equities), shaped and launched the trading department of listed derivatives in 1999. Originated and carried out the first transactions in OTC vanilla and exotic products in Greece (ISDA), extremely popular during the formation of structured products from 2001 to 2006 in the Greek market.
  2. Fixed Income Sales and Trading (Alpha Finance). Transactions in bonds and their derivatives and creation of the listed derivatives department in the same company.
  3. Dealer in money market and fixed income. Head of the money market desk (Egnatia Bank), created the pricing models and traded in the first over the counter FX Option deals in the Greek market.

– Certification of Professional Proficiency by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (B)


– Data mining and Decision Support Systems.
– Monte Carlo and Simulation Algorithms.
– Algorithmic, Program and Quantitative Trading.
– Software, Systems and Operations for Applied Risk Management.
– Robotics.



e-mail: dblougouras@econ.uoa.gr

Address: Grypario Megaron, Sophocleous 1 & Aristeidou, Athens, PC 105 59, 5th floor, office 504