Award ceremony of the Value Investing Student Project of the Master in Applied Risk Management UOA , for the class 2022-2023.

Photos from graduation and award ceremony of the Value Investing Student Project of the Master in Applied Risk Management UOA (Direction: Risk Management), for the class 2022-2023.

The Value Investing course is taught by Professor George Athanasakos
(photo) through the collaboration of the Greek Centre For Value Investing with the Τμήμα Οικονομικών Επιστημών – Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών (Dept. of Economics – UOA) and the Department of Business Administration | NKUA.

The event was welcomed by the Member of Administrative Council of UOA and Director of Master in Applied Risk Management UOADimitris Kenourgios and the Vice-Rector of EKPA, Aristeidis Samitas.
The award is offered every year by the Managing Director of European Reliance Asset Management, Mr. Thomas Konstantinidis.

📌 The winning team- students of the Value Investing project:  Dimitris KormisSpyros Tsiros , Panagiotis AnagnostarasSpyros Kouris and Theodoros Bouloubashs
📜 Congratulation to those achieved the certification of Value Investing:
Lia Vassou,  Maria Dimkou, Zaggilis Paraskevas, Beloulis Petros, Apostolos Xafis, Selekou georgia, Stella LoukouAthanasios N. Probonas,Alexander KaragiannidisEleni Alexia Papadakou, Aggelopoulos Christos,  Haris Novas Despoina SilidouSofia Chatzitoliou

👏 Congratulations to the class 2022-2023

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