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As part of the Expert Lecture Series of the Msc in Applied Risk Management we are happy to announce that on 08/03/2022, time: 19.00-20.30, Mr. Yiannis Ritsios, CFA will deliver an online lecture on: “Asset Allocation and Goals-Based Investment: From Modern Portfolio Theory to Behavior Finance”.


-To build a suitable portfolio for institutional or private clients, advisers should first seek to understand the client’s investment goal and constraints in order to develop the Investment Policy Statement and specify the Strategic Asset Allocation of the client’s portfolio.
-The approach to Asset allocation can be based on capital market expectations and optimal portfolios of Asset Classes, using mean variance optimization, or can incorporate clients’ specific goals as it is suggested by behavioral finance.
-Tactical Asset Allocation can add value by deviating from the Strategic Asset Allocation policy exposures, based on forecasts of the near-term returns.

Certificates will be given to all participants
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